Website Development

There are a million and one ways to create a website out on the web. And everyone is an “expert” on exactly how you should build the website. Some companies also tell you that you should do everything yourself. But if it’s just a little too difficult for you to do this website yourself, or if you simply don’t have the time to worry about this one extra thing in your work life, get in touch with us!

We specialize in sites that will be simple for you to use by yourself. You won’t have to hire a developer each time you want to make a change. We usually develop sites on the WordPress engine, which is the most popular kind of site for the best Google and search engine SEO, but we can use other platforms as well, if you like. We can do anything from a very simple site that you will do everything for, to a site that is more complex, where we work with you on the text, the pictures, and all the rest.

If you would like to build a website, please reach out to web@itgroup.mk, and we will gladly help you with your success.

Website redesign Services.

– Our endeavor is to redesign your website in a trendier form.

– With our web redesigning services we provide advanced features, which make the site more user friendly than it was before.

– We believe a website is the backbone of any business and therefore, every move of ours towards redesigning website is in sync with your business objectives in mind.

– Besides giving that extra allure to your website, you can hope to see all the ingredients that make a website worth visiting again and again.

– As one of best advantages of having website redesigning services at IT Group, you get a dedicated team of professional web designers and live support which is available right at the click of your mouse.